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Our Survey Process

Set a clear goal and objective for the survey. Data doesn’t matter, unless you have a plan to use it. We collect information to determine the purpose of the survey, or what decisions will be made based on the results. Understanding this purpose allows us to determine the clear and concise goals and objectives of the survey. 

Select survey mode. Online surveys are becoming more frequent, but we always consider your audience, and determine if an online survey or a paper questionnaire would garner the best information. Many research companies are strictly online-based, however, this may not be the best option for your needs. We offer both options!


Consider the questions. Questions should be worded clearly, free of erroneous conclusions, and designed and arranged in a logical format and order. Remember the adage “garbage in, garbage out”; as poorly worded questions will lead to suspect results.


Report the results. Excellence in the practice of survey research requires that data analysis and interpretation be competent and clear, and that findings be presented fully, understandably, and fairly. Our process is to report results in the most user-friendly, easy-to-interpret format as possible.


Turn feedback into improvement plans. Implementing a survey is only beneficial if it leads to improvement in the patient, customer, or employee experience. This is where our analysis and reporting of feedback becomes important. We will provide actionable insights, in order for you to categorize the information, make it usable, and forward it to the right people for action. 

Continue the process. Implementing a survey isn’t a one-time job; it’s a constant, repetitive process. Collect feedback regularly to show you are always trying to improve your patient, customer or employee experience.

We're Great At

Questionnaire Development & Design

Our staff can take your survey through all phases - development, design, production, and reporting. We explore question content, as well as response scales, and ensure the right questions are asked to achieve actionable results. Our in-house designer takes special care to use your corporate identity in terms of logos, fonts, and colors, in both the questionnaire and the report.

Survey Administration

Our facility is equipped to handle questionnaire administration for projects of any size. We’ll gladly send your questionnaires to individuals, departments, or different companies. Our online survey administration includes emailing, QR codes, and providing hyperlinks for your internal websites, or your in-house emailing. We use the most up-to-date cross-platform technology, knowing that there are many different devices viewing the same questionnaire.

Survey Processing

Paper questionnaires are still the work horse of the industry and where we excel! Our in-house staff are experts in scanning, data entry, comment transcriptions, and coding. We've even partnered with other companies that found themselves in the middle of a project they can't complete. So if you've designed a survey, and need help to finish your research, we would be glad to assist.

Focus Group Moderation

Our focus group discussions are lead by a trained moderator who keeps the discussion within designed parameters, without exerting influence on the discussion content. Focus groups allow for more extensive probing, follow-up questions, group discussion, and observation of emotional reactions that are not possible in quantitative studies. 

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