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CMS-approved vendor for CAHPS surveys for over 10 years.


High Response Rates

Our surveys are one single page, not booklets of pages folded or stapled together. We also don't use large, unsightly bar codes and cryptograms. If the survey looks too long and intimidates patients, they won't respond.


No Contracts

If you aren’t satisfied with our service, switch vendors at any time. No lengthy contracts. No termination fees.

CAHPS® Surveys ask patients to report on their experiences with a range of health care services. Some surveys ask about patients' experiences with health care providers, or with care for specific health conditions, or even hospital outpatient surgery departments and ambulatory surgery centers.


We are an approved vendor by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for the following CAHPS surveys:


HCAHPS. HCAHPS is the first national, standardized, publicly-reported survey of patients' perspectives of hospital care.  The HCAHPS Survey is a 29-item instrument and data collection methodology for measuring patients’ perceptions of their hospital experience.  HCAHPS allows valid comparisons to be made across hospitals -- locally, regionally and nationally. HCAHPS requires standardized administration protocols via an approved vendor. 

OAS CAHPS. The survey includes questions about patients’ experiences with their preparation for the surgery or procedure, check-in processes, cleanliness of the facility, communications with the facility staff, discharge from the facility, and preparation for recovering at home. The survey also includes questions about whether patients received information about what to do if they had possible side-effects during their recovery. OAS CAHPS is designed to be national in scope and requires standardized administration protocols via an approved vendor. 

CGCAHPS.  The CAHPS Clinician & Group Survey (CG-CAHPS) asks patients to report on their experiences with providers and staff in primary care and specialty care settings. Results can be used to determine the need for improvement activities, and evaluate the impact of those efforts, as well as equip consumers with information they can use to choose physicians and other health care providers. Due to the large-scale adoption of telehealth as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently offering the 4.0 beta version of the questionnaire that inquires about the most recent visit whether in-person, by phone, or by video.

ED CAHPS. The emergency department (ED) is a unique environment within the health care system, bridging the worlds of outpatient and inpatient care. In 2012, CMS launched an initiative to develop a reliable, valid, standardized survey to measure patients’ experience of ED care that would provide meaningful and actionable information for EDs. The ED CAHPS Survey includes 35 questions that focus on communication and coordination, including arrival at the ED, care during the ED visit, and discharge from the ED. Use of the ED CAHPS Survey is entirely voluntary and is not yet required by CMS, however we follow the current guidelines for implementing the survey.

Other Healthcare Surveys. In addition to the CAHPS surveys offered above, we have a wide variety of other surveys that include: outpatient, long-term care, assisted living, therapy (occupational, physical, speech), rehabilitation, clinic, and healthcare employee. We will work with your facility to create a survey (or combination of surveys) that meets your needs, and one that will provide the best possible feedback to implement important changes.

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